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  • This page describes the steps for installing an AskPlus Update for existing customers.

Downloading AskPlus E.8.5.4 Current Release Version

We recommend that you right-click and choose "Download linked file as..." (or the equivalent option) as this should prevent your browser from automatically unzipping the file during the download. For verification purposes, the md5sum and cksum values are displayed below the download links.

  • Itanium.
$ md5sum ASK64_eloq_e854_upd.gz
7a833ec1b43037d4823e5e525b938614 ASK64_eloq_e854_upd.gz
$ cksum ASK64_eloq_e854_upd.gz
1931536689 1715914 ASK64_eloq_e854_upd.gz
  • PA-Risc. Note: E.8.5.0 is currently the most recent version available for PA-Risc.
$ md5sum ASK_eloq_e850_upd.gz
d8374ac5e4004323ed222b832e990a7a ASK_eloq_e850_upd.gz
$ cksum ASK_eloq_e850_upd.gz
661719489 954669 ASK_eloq_e850_upd.gz

Note: Some browsers may automatically uncompress the file during download. If this happens, the ".gz" extension will be removed. In this case, skip the "gunzip" step in the instructions below.

Updating AskPlus E.8.5.4 Version

  • Before starting the installation, you must ensure that AskPlus is not in use and that the TCP/IP Listener process (vsrvtcp) is not running.
  • The installation loads new files, but does not overwrite the current version of AskPlus.
  • Site-specific configuration files (Manager Files and vsrvtcp.ini) will not be overwritten.

1. Login as the askplus user and make sure you are in the /ASKPLUS directory. Type:

login askplus

2. Transfer the AskPlus distribution file (ASK64_eloq_e854_upd.gz or ASK_eloq_e854_upd.gz) to the host.

  • Use ASK64_eloq_e854_upd.gz for ITANIUM systems and ASK_eloq_e854_upd.gz for PA-Risc systems.
  • The file must be transferred to the host using a BINARY transfer. Use FTP, or a terminal emulator to transfer the file.

3. The file that was transferred in the previous step is a compressed tar file. To uncompress and expand this file, enter these commands:

  • Note that some browsers will uncompress the downloaded file automatically, so the gunzip step may not be necessary.
gunzip ASK64_eloq_e854_upd.gz
tar -xvf ASK64_eloq_e854_upd

Launching the New AskPlus Version

  • The new version is installed in the file aske854x.
  • This version can be launched by entering:
/ASKPLUS/askplus e854

Making the New Version the Default Version

  • To make aske854x the default version, login as askplus and enter:
cp -p aske854x askplusx
  • A previous version can be launched by entering:
ASKPLUS/askplus e850
  • To restore a previous version as the default, login as askplus and enter:
cp -p aske850x askplusx

Verifying AskPlus

To verify that the new version has been properly installed, type the following command:


If everything has been properly installed you will see something like this:

ITANIUM Example :
Copyright LSWE (c) 1978-2020. Distributed by Vital Soft, Inc.
ASKPLUS/Unix E.8.5.4 (64 bits) ready ! 
PA-Risc Example :
Copyright LSWE (c) 1978-2019. Distributed by Vital Soft, Inc.
ASKPLUS/Unix E.8.5.4 (32 bits) ready ! 

Type EXIT, to exit the AskPlus program.